10.11 . What is the best treatment for age spots?

Age spots, sun spots, lentigos… All of these names are used to describe the small, unsightly brown spots which appear on the face, the neckline and the hands around the age of 40. Solutions now exist which reduce their appearance, conceal them, or even make these spots disappear.


Sun, the enemy of youthful skin

These spots are not just related to age: the sun is also responsible. They form due to the presence of excess melanin in the skin, and are usually harmless. Nonetheless, they are an indication that you need to use stronger protection against the sun's rays.

What can you do once these spots have appeared?

- Use Re-Platy Laserist Concentrate, a concentrated spot-correcting serum which offers results similar to those offered by aesthetic medicine. Day after day, the appearance of spots, redness and imperfections is reduced.
- Use Re-Platy Laserist Spot Corrector, an instant spot-correcting pen which replicates laser treatment. This formula, enriched with Laserist-Solution, which is highly concentrated in LHA (a patented molecule which micro-exfoliates the epidermis with high precision), instantly camouflages and corrects dark spots.
- Give your skin an even complexion with Prodigy Powercell Foundation, for a bare skin sensation and a rejuvenating effect. This active formula is also enriched with plant stem cells which promote the protection and quality of the cutaneous barrier.

- Finally, more radical treatments exist which involve laser techniques or the use of liquid nitrogen. These treatments are carried out by a doctor in the case of skin spots which are difficult to hide.

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