10.23 . The eye area: warning, fragile!

Dark undereye circles, puffiness, wrinkles – the eye area is constantly under threat. Why? It is naturally fragile and requires an adapted skincare routine and products.


A particularly fragile area...

The first cause of its vulnerability is nature! The skin around the eyes is 4 times thinner than the skin on the rest of the body. Moreover, this area is one of the most extensively used parts of the face: we blink around 10,000 times a day. 

...which reflects our well-being...

When you are just the slightest bit tired or stressed, your face becomes more hollow. And as you get older, relaxing and resting are no longer sufficient to restore a radiant complexion. The eye area contains very little collagen, elastin and adipose cells and is therefore the first area to show signs of ageing.

...and which must be looked after using adapted skincare products

Helena Rubinstein created three skincare products which are adapted to the eye area. They should be applied from the inner to the outer part of the eye to drain the tissues and then in patting movements to activate microcirculation.

- Prodigy Powercell Eye Care: this skincare product specific to the eye area is enriched with native vegetal cells from Oceanic Crista, a powerful natural antioxidant which repairs and provides anti-ageing protection for the eye area.

- Prodigy Eyes: enriched with Molecular Bio Sap™, an active ingredient complex which contains five plant extracts, for a visible rejuvenating effect on the eye area. Wrinkles, puffiness and dark undereye circles are reduced. The eye area is moisturised, firm and even.

- Re-Plasty Mesolift Cosmetic Eye Care: this active formula enriched with Meso-solution and ferulic acid reproduces the effects of a mesolift, thus reinforcing the plasticity and radiance of the eye area while also reducing the signs of fatigue.  

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