10.25 . It's never too late to preserve the skin's youth

How can you preserve your skin's beauty whatever your age? Prevention, targeted correction, comprehensive anti-ageing skincare… solutions do exist. You simply have to identify the product adapted to your specific needs.


A specific range of skincare products for every woman

Helena Rubinstein has always been committed to offering women products to meet their specific needs, whether it be to enhance their natural beauty or preserve youthful skin. Depending on age, skin type and specific needs, all women can therefore find the key to their own beauty among Helena Rubinstein’s selection of skincare products.

Anticipate for longer-lasting results

As preventing the appearance of the signs of ageing is the best way to delay their onset, Helena Rubinstein has formulated  Prodigy Powercell, the first youth-grafting skincare product. The Oceanic Crista stem cells neutralise free radicals, a source of inflammation and premature ageing. 

You want to target specific areas?

Discover Re-Plasty Pro Filler serum, the first cosmetic product to offer an alternative to hyaluronic acid injections. An Intense wrinkle corrector, it restores elasticity and targets the entire face for a comprehensive anti-ageing effect.

You are looking for a comprehensive anti-ageing solution?

Prodigy Cream, an exceptional rejuvenating concentrate to help fight against the signs of ageing deep down, for a visible rejuvenating effect. The appearance of wrinkles is reduced, the skin is illuminated and moisturised and skin density and firmness is restored. 

For a targeted or more general action, Helena Rubinstein uses cosmetic innovations inspired by cosmetic medicine for instant results.


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