11.06 . Evening routine: how to boost your youth keepers

Activated at night, resting by day: your skin's capacity for regeneration follows the opposite rhythm to yours. By day, skin is a veritable shield that protects you against outside aggressions. By night, cellular renewal is at its best. An essential process optimised by Prodigy Night.

Three nocturnal phases for intense regeneration

The moment you fall asleep, your skin wakes up. Three chronobiological phases form the night-time pattern for your skin:

1 - Repair of aggressions from the previous day.

2 - Cellular renewal.

3 - Preparation against onslaughts the next day.

Between 11 o'clock at night and 3 o'clock in the morning, cellular division, the key element in the process for preserving your youth, goes through its most intense phase.


Your youth sentineLs go on the attack!

The main actors in cellular renewal, "telomeres" are the biological clocks for our cells. At the end of each cell division, the telomere ends become shorter. When they become too short, the cells stop dividing: they then enter into senescence and the signs of ageing start to appear. While the passage of time is the main cause of this, oxidative stress can also alter the size of our telomeres. Result: cellular ageing is accelerated. It is therefore essential to protect these famous telomeres on a nightly basis.


A powerful plant active combination to support your youth keepers 

How? Thanks to Molecular Nocta-Sap™, a new combination of plant "forces" contained in Prodigy Night. Capable of protecting the telomeres* and preserving cellular DNA*, Prodigy Night gives the skin back the youthful benefits of a good night's sleep: density, anti-wrinkle properties, nutrition and an even complexion. It leaves the skin intensely regenerated, perfectly nourished and rested. And youth keepers that are ready to get back to work the next night!

*In-vitro test

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