11.20 . Skin workout!

The Re-Plasty range by Helena Rubinstein is the fruit of an exceptional partnership with Laclinic-Montreux, an avant-garde beauty clinic. The range offers medically advanced products. In order to enhance the effects of these cosmetics, formulated to significantly outperform standard anti-aging treatments, discover four muscle activation exercises to perform in the morning and evening.


Magnify your smile

Form an O with your mouth while keeping your upper lip against your teeth. Place your index fingers at the corners of your mouth, then slide them slowly along your nasolabial folds. When you feel a warm sensation, use your fingertips to press your smile lines for 30 seconds. For optimal results, do this twice a day.


Brighten up your eyes

Place your index fingers at the outside corner of your lower eyelids, near your lashes, and try to squint your eyes. Push your shoulders back, press your feet into the ground and look up. Do this exercise for 40 seconds three or four times a day, in order to strengthen the muscles under your eyes.


Restore radiance to your forehead...

Align your fingers vertically on your forehead, above your eyes. Raise your eyebrows for 30 seconds while pushing down your forehead. Do this exercise two to three times a day to tone the arches of your eyebrows and reduce vertical lines on the forehead.


... and tone your chin

Place one hand on the back of your neck and the other in front of you, against a wall. Lift your chin, smile as widely as you can and stick your tongue out and upwards. For 30 seconds, swing back and forth, using your hand to push against the wall. Repeat this movement by turning your head left and right. With two daily sessions, you will be able to firm the entire neck, chin and jaw area.


In just ten minutes, morning and evening, you can deeply activate all the muscles of your face to reshape its lines while complementing the revolutionary anti-aging action of your Re-Plasty skincare products.

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