11.22 . HR know-how: from cosmetic surgery to cosmeceutics

Cosmetic surgery has been around since ancient Egyptian times, but in the last 15 years, it has really taken off. Whether they aim to bolster self-confidence or to preserve a youthful appearance, new surgical procedures and aesthetic medicine treatments are emerging all the time. The skincare products from Helena Rubinstein's Re-Plasty line can supplement or even replace these treatments, helping women in their quest for beauty.


Plastic surgery: today, an accessible art

After the First World War, plastic surgery techniques made an astounding leap forward. In less than a century, this "art of body-shaping", divided between reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries, has become widely available. In 2011, more than 200,000 surgical procedures on the face and body were carried out in France.

Aesthetic medicine: a recent addition

Over the last 20 years, major innovations have come to supplement or replace surgery in order to preserve the face's youthful appearance in a less invasive manner. Today, with injections, peels, laser treatments, mesolifts, and LED rejuvenations, aesthetic medical procedures account for more than 80% of clinic procedures. They often have astounding beauty results.

"Cosmeceuticals": the new beauty revolution

In partnership with Laclinic-Montreux – the clinic that sets the standard in the world of beauty – Helena Rubinstein Laboratories has developed innovative skincare products whose effects approximate those of aesthetic medicine. Among these “cosmeceuticals", on the cutting edge of both medicine and cosmetics, are the Re-Plasty skincare products, developed to reach beyond the boundaries of classic anti-ageing treatments. Designed to replicate the most common aesthetic procedures, these skincare products reduce wrinkles and fine lines, help to even out your complexion, and restore your skin's shine.

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