11.25 . Inflamm’aging, when stress makes us age

Recently analyzed by experts on aging, the phenomenon of inflamm'aging - the contraction of the two words "inflammation" and "aging" - refers to the aging of skin as a result of oxidative stress.

Free radicals are the source of oxidative stress

The body produces these toxic substances naturally. Their chemical composition includes a "free" electron, hence their name, which tries to balance itself out by stealing an electron from a stable neighbouring molecule, which in turn becomes unstable and turns into a free radical. The human body naturally produces "antidotes" to fight these free radicals, but the excessive formation of free radicals can upset the balance.

A chain of reactions is triggered, which disorganise and damage the biological molecules; this is referred to as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress will lead to an inflammatory process by generating pro-inflammatory molecules such as cytokines.

Free-radical attacks target cellular membranes, the DNA which supports our genetic code, proteins, enzymes, etc.

The effects of free radicals are most visible on the skin. 


The clinical signs of oxidative stress: inflamm'aging

Just as oxidation leads to rust, oxidative stress - a source of inflammation - leads to premature aging, which has many effects on the skin, including lack of radiance, skin reactivity, slackening, sagging and pigmentation marks. In extreme cases, it can even lead to skin cancer.

There are several solutions to fight oxidative stress and preserve the skin's youthfulness. First of all, a balanced lifestyle should be adopted, including the avoidance of tobacco use and excessive sun exposure. The UVA rays to which the skin is exposed every day are a major source of free radical production. A diet rich in antioxidants and trace elements (selenium, zinc, copper, etc.) is also recommended. 

In order to protect the skin directly, anti-radical products should be used. The antioxidant power of stem cells, like those of sea fennel, provides the skin with daily protection against oxidative stress.

Over time, Oceanic Crista has developed an incredible ability to survive in a hostile environment exposed to salt and ocean winds. As such, its chemical composition has changed over the years in order to adapt to the most extreme conditions, turning it into a fabulous antioxidant concentrate.


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