11.29 . Cosmeceuticals: the revolutionary combination of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic treatments

A face covered with bandages... such is the stereotype of patients recovering from plastic surgery. A cliché which we see in films, but which is now far from reality! Nowadays, aesthetic interventions are less and less invasive. They even take the form of revolutionary cosmetic treatments: cosmeceuticals, on the boundary between beauty and medical treatments. 


Instant results after just a few sessions

Aesthetic medicine comprises all non-invasive interventions which have one sole aim: to preserve youthful looks. They make it possible for surgical interventions to be put on hold or for the benefits of such treatments to be prolonged. The advantage: a guaranteed instant impact on beauty, without the recovery period.


Catering for your specific needs

Aesthetic medicine is one of your best allies in the battle against wrinkles, scars and pigmentation marks and can even restore the skin's tonus. Botox or hyaluronic acid injections, laser treatment, peeling, mesolifts... all of these techniques have one thing in common: they offer targeted efficacy in the treatment of the signs of cutaneous ageing. 


What if you could enjoy the same efficacy with a skincare treatment?

Another specificity of aesthetic medicine is the constant innovation. Helena Rubinstein, along with Doctor Pfulg, founder of the exceptional Laclinic-Montreux clinic, has developed the Re-Plasty range: five cosmeceuticals inspired by aesthetic medicine procedures and which allow you to fight against the signs of ageing. Whether you want to fill-in, correct or re-plump, Re-Plasty is now a key range which helps to recover and preserve your skin's youthful appearance.

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