12.02 . Preconception: only dry skin is dehydrated

Dry and dehydrated skin is generally considered to be one and the same thing. However, they are two very different concepts: dry skin is a permanent feature, whereas dehydration is a temporary condition that can affect all women. Although all skin types (whether dry, combination or oily) require hydration, dry skin needs more intense hydration, and may even require additional special treatment.


Dry skin: restoring the skin's barrier function... 

An excess of sebum can make the skin shine, but it also plays an essential role: that of providing a protective barrier which keeps water within the skin cells by way of a hydrolipidic film. As dry skin lacks this precious sebum, it is subject to more severe natural dehydration, which leads to extreme fragility and reactivity to cold and pollution. A nutritive, lipid-replenishing and moisturising product then becomes essential. 


... and "implanting water in the skin" using Hydra Collagenist 

For naturally dehydrated dry skin, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have developed  Hydra Collagenist Dry Skin, a deeply hydrating, collagen-based cream. Naturally present in the epidermis, collagen retains water on a microscopic level, limiting evaporation and ensuring deep hydration. With age, however, these reserves decline. A solution to this problem comes in the form of the Hydra Collagenist Derm-Hydrafix complex, enriched with collagen microspheres which instantly reactivate hydration. Day by day, the skin is better hydrated, denser, smoother and visibly younger.

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