12.05 . Re-Plasty Laserist Concentrate, a skincare product that is as effective as a laser

With aesthetic medicine more popular than ever, lasers have become an important part of women's beauty. In the hands of the experts at Laclinic-Montreux – a cutting-edge institution partnered with Helena Rubinstein Laboratories – lasers help to efficiently erase all signs of ageing and leave your complexion more even.


There are several proven wrinkle-reducing technologies: laser remodelling, which restructures the dermis to give it more elasticity and firmness, the CO2 laser system, which eliminates deep wrinkles by toning the skin and stimulating collagen production, and also the Erbium laser system, which is ideal for darker skin and more superficial wrinkles. Astounding as their results may be, these treatments can also cause redness and swelling.


To provide you with comparable beauty benefits, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories has developed Re-Plasty Laserist Concentrate, the first cosmetic skincare product that replicates one of Laclinic-Montreux' laser sessions. This serum includes active ingredients such as the exfoliant LIPO LHA™, along with powerful whitening agents such as Vitamin CG, White Ceramide, and red algae extract for an all-round effect on the formation and transfer of melanin to the keratinocytes. It also contains Aescin, derived from horse-chestnuts and known for its ability to protect microcirculation and act on generalised redness.

Your complexion will shine after just one application! Day by day, spots, redness, and blemishes will diminish.

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