12.06 . Hong Kong: the Re-Plasty revolution presented by Dr. Pfulg

Dr. Pfulg, the founder of Laclinic-Montreux (an avant-garde beauty clinic) inaugurated the new Helena Rubinstein area dedicated to the Re-Plasty range within the prestigious department store Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. "With Helena Rubinstein, we share a common vision of beauty," he stated.

 Dr Pflug à Lane Crawford

Exceptional regenerative abilities

During a speech that sealed the partnership established in 2008 between his clinic and Helena Rubinstein laboratories, Dr. Pfulg presented  Re-Plasty Age Recovery Day, the latest addition to the Re-Plasty range. In response to the clinical needs of a "cosmetic bandage" favouring post-operative recovery, Re-Plasty Age Recovery Day acts as a true "self-restoring balm" with exceptional regenerative abilities.

The effectiveness of aesthetic medicine in a cosmetic range

Dr. Pfulg also paid tribute to three other cosmetics directly inspired by the aesthetic techniques performed in his clinic: Re-Plasty Pro-Filler, which amounts to a hyaluronic acid injection,Re-Plasty Laserist, which reproduces the benefits of a laser session and Re-Plasty High Definition Peel, which replicates the effects of a peeling treatment. Formulated to outperform standard anti-aging treatments, they offer results as instant and spectacular as the most innovative aesthetic medicine procedures.

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