12.23 . A step-by-step guide to feline eyes

Follow these helpful tips from Helena Rubinstein International Make-Up Artist, Stéphanie Peirello-Hervé, for eyes to dazzle any party!

Five steps to enhance your eyes 

1 - Underline your lower lashes with Fatal Blacks Waterproof Eye Pencil up to the inner third of the lower eyelid. Then draw another line along the upper lash line, before smudging it lightly with a bevel brush.


2 - Extend this line with the Feline Blacks Eye Pencil. Thanks to its velvety texture, it creates a subtle shaded effect with the waterproof pencil line. Use the brush to avoid any gaps between the lashes and pencil line.


3 - Apply Wanted Eyes Duo Majestic Grey and Feather Blue shadow on the eyelids and under the eyes, from the outside to the inside. Apply the metallic colour to the inner corner of the eye for a shaded effect.


4 – Add a point of light to the highest point of the eyebrow arch and the inner corner of the eyes with the Black Onyx and Moon Stone iridescent eye shadow. Merge the colours for a better finish. 


5 – Get beautifully intense eyes with Surrealist Mascara to be applied along the entire lash line. 


3 tips for perfect make-up

- Eliminate under-eye circles with Prodigy Eye Powercell Eye Urgency and Magic Concealer while avoiding the fuller part of the eye bags to avoid emphasis on this area.

- Under the eyebrow arch, next to the point of light, apply Wanted Blush for an even more radiant complexion.

- Lastly, re-plump your mouth naturally with Collagenist Lip Zoom With Pro-XFill and Wanted Stellars Gloss, in a beige Solar Amber shade, for an instantly plump effect.

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