12.23 . New year, new skin

The time for New Year's resolutions has come. Why not treat your face with the most innovative of beauty routines?


I shall conquer signs of aging

Cutaneous aging is a complex phenomenon which is exacerbated through various external factors, such as sun exposure and smoking. Drawing on molecular biology, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories analysed the finest skin cell mechanisms to better transfuse the skin's lost youth. The Molecular Bio-Sap™ contained in Prodigy acts at the heart of cells to repair, boost and protect the most important mechanisms involved in fighting skin aging. Wrinkles disappear and your skin is firmer, more hydrated, dense and radiant. 

The intense anti-aging routine:

For the intense rejuvenation of your whole face, finish your beauty routine with Prodigy eyes to target specific signs of aging in the eye contour area. At night, don't forget to protect your skin's youthfulness with Prodigy Night, which ensures maximum cell regeneration.


I shall have new skin

Stress, pollution, aging, and more: many factors affect the quality of the skin and lead to spots, wrinkles and a dull complexion. Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have found a solution to this problem by providing a product range reproducing the effects of a peeling procedure performed in a beauty clinic and offering instantly visible results: Re-Plasty High Definition Peel.

The deep correction routine

Applied to a perfectly cleansed face every evening, Night Serum corrects pigmentation marks and wrinkles day by day while refining the skin's texture. Finish the treatment twice a week with Rejuvenating Mask for a smoother skin and more even complexion. 


I shall enhance my beauty

Give new radiance to your face by following a few make-up tips. Begin by reinventing your complexion: with Color Clone, treat your face to suppleness, radiance and comfort. Following that, brighten dark areas with Magic Under-eye Concealer: it will conceal all imperfections through a camomile-based formulation with mother-of-pearl micro-particles. Lastly, lightly tap Wanted Blush on your cheekbones: its "Model™" pigments and "Soft-Pearls™" complex capture light and enhance the face with a youthfully radiant complexion.  

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