01.22 . Helena Rubinstein and Laclininc-Montreux: 2 brands, 1 vision

Elisabeth Sandager, International Manager for Helena Rubinstein       

Elisabeth Sandager looks back on the exciting partnership between Helena Rubinstein and Laclininc-Montreux that has spanned over 5 years. So, what better time for her to reiterate just how successful the collaboration has been? Helena Rubinstein and Laclininc-Montreux share an identical vision of what defines beauty, and have worked together in harmony on what has become an innovative and fruitful partnership.

For Elisabeth Sandager, Helena Rubinstein is at the top of its game and is still pushing boundaries after 111 years of existence. The scientific expertise that has been developed over the 5 years we have been working with Laclininc-Montreux, has created ground-breaking results that just weren’t possible before, with the innovative products in the Re-Plasty range for example. Thanks to the partnership, Helena Rubinstein cosmetics pride themselves on being equally as effective as aesthetic medicinal treatments, achieving impressive results. 



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