01.25 . Aesthetic medicine: what are peeling treatments?

Peeling treatments essentially involve removing the surface layer of skin from the face to reveal younger-looking skin. Designed to rejuvenate the face, peeling treatments eliminate dead skin cells from the epidermis using aesthetic medicine techniques and ingredients.


Our skin consists of two layers; the dermis and epidermis. The latter is the thin layer that acts as the exterior layer of our skin. It is extremely delicate with a width of 0.02mm. Peeling treatments involve applying a chemical substance directly onto the face (usually an acidic substance) to break down the epidermis in a controlled way, freeing the external layer of skin from dead cell build-up. The aim of cell destruction is to encourage skin regeneration and stimulate the skin’s elastic fibers and collagen production, to plump up the face.

Skin peels eradicate any irregular skin pigmentation, smooth wrinkles, soften the texture of the skin, boost the flow of collagen and elasticity as well as stimulate new cell growth. The new layer of skin is more toned, smooth and softened. Skin peels can also help to remove dark spots, fine wrinkles, acne scaring and relaxes the skin. The treatments vary in strength depending on the acid concentration, different ingredients used, usage time and the number of layers applied.


At Laclinic-Montreux, dermatologists and aesthetic physicians have developed a peeling treatment, rich in age-defying properties, to correct and protect skin, making it appear visibly more youthful. Inspired by this exclusive formula, Helena Rubinstein’s laboratories have blended 3 powerful ingredients with anti-aging results. The Re-Plasty High Definition Peel range combines corrective and protective properties into its skin peeling treatments. Helena Rubinstein is the first brand in the world to produce clinic-worthy cosmetics and results, thanks to replicating the technology used at Laclinic-Montreux.

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