01.31 . Helena Rubinstein and LACLINIC-MONTREUX: working together to achieve revolutionary cosmetics


United by their vision of beauty, Helena Rubinstein and LaClinic-Montreux joined forces in 2008 to develop and push the boundaries of cosmetics. Thanks to the exclusive partnership, the Re-Plasty range features effective skincare solutions that pride themselves on results similar to those achieved using aesthetic medicine.

Two years after the launch of Age Recovery Night, which has been a tremendous hit with patients at LaClinic, the development of a day cream was the obvious next step for Dr Pfulg. In fact, it seemed odd that a cream had not yet been developed for clients with weakened skin, who had undergone an aesthetic medical treatment or procedure. The Age Recovery Day cream was designed to soothe and protect skin after it had undergone minor operations, but also for women with sensitive skin looking for a cream to combat red patches and dryness. Age Recover Day cream protects all skin types, including those most sensitive and prone to imperfections.

Partly due to the fact that many women won’t allow their skin any ‘downtime’ after an aesthetic surgery procedure, Helena Rubinstein and LaClinic-Montreux have created the skincare equivalent of a band-aid.  Its balm-like, repairing formula deeply nourishes skin and heals any signs of scaring or imperfections with remarkable effects. Age Recovery Day cream has been tested on sensitive skin types, as well as skin that is fragile after an aesthetic medical treatment, revealing extraordinary results.

You can rest assured knowing it will calm, protect and repair your skin, all day long. 


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