02.03 . How to hide facial redness in winter?

In winter, harsher conditions can take their toll on sensitive skin. Our faces can become red and skin feels tight. To reduce their appearance and hide these red patches, there are a few simple tips to keeping skin looking great, that every woman should know.


It’s essential to remove your make-up and cleanse skin of dirt with cotton wool. Make-up removers that need to be washed away with water can be too aggressive and dry out skin. If you already have red patches or skin that feels tight, try using a milk or oil-based cleanser.

Choosing the right product: Apply Life Ritual De-Oxidizing Fresh Cleansing Milk using cotton wool, to gently cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.


Sensitive skin that becomes blotchy and red easily is often dehydrated which is why it’s so important to look after it during winter. Use a hydrating cream adapted to your skin type to combat and prevent red patches. The result? Your skin appears luminous and free of blemishes and imperfections.

Choosing the right product: Age Recovery Day cream will both protect and strengthen the epidermis layer of your skin, so that it can cope with the colder weather on a day-to-day basis.


A beautiful complexion is the key to a beautiful face. For women who suffer from red patches in winter, it’s highly important to choose the correct foundation for your dry skin. You need a foundation that will protect your skin from the elements, as well as cover up any red patches you may already have. However, you don’t want your foundation to be too dense and thick which can create a ‘mask’ effect if applied to heavily.

Choosing the right product: Prodigy Powercell Foundation by Helena Rubinstein camouflages imperfections and redness without looking thick and pasty. The finish provides all-over coverage that is natural and radiant. 


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