03.12 . Morning routine: what changes after turning 40?

At 40 you are radiant. If you’ve been careful with the sun, you’ve hydrated your skin and you’ve taken the time to relax, your skin will have changed very little. Still, natural aging of the skin cannot be completely stopped. You will probably have noticed increasingly visible wrinkles on your skin and a little lack of firmness. It’s time to adapt your morning routine.


The morning routine begins before you go to bed. From the age of 40, a night cream is essential. During the day, the skin faces a number of attacks from the sun or pollution. At night, it therefore needs to rest and regenerate. This stage is essential to preserve the youth of your face. Prodigy Night cream, a genuine “guardian of youth” will give your skin the necessary ingredients to reconstitute the epidermis during your sleep.


From the moment you wake up, your skin needs support to smooth out the lines on your face. A few drops of serum will smooth your skin while giving it some shine. A multi-purpose serum,is perfect to effectively fight against the signs of aging. Underneath your day cream, a few drops will suffice. Applied to a perfectly cleansed face, Re-Plasty Pro-Filler serum will guarantee hydration, shine and tonicity. The effects are instantly visible.

Next, concentrate on your day treatment. Prodigy, a global anti-aging cream, is designed for dry and normal skin. It works on the signs of aging which appear from 40. Your face will slowly rediscover its luster and firmness. The perfect base for your make-up, your morning routine has to be perfectly carried out.

Your morning routine will inevitably include an eye contour treatment. Prodigy eyes treatment is the answer to the five signs of aging in this extremely vulnerable area. Highly concentrated in anti-bag and anti-dark circles active ingredients, it offers you a targeted, intense treatment to make your skin look younger. Apply it in the morning before you put on your make-up and at night once your skin has been delicately cleaned and your make-up removed.

Once your beauty routine has been adapted, the signs of aging will fade and your skin will glow. The Prodigy range, with its immediately visible effects, will preserve the youth of your skin.


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