03.24 . Facial workout: sculpt and define your face

Some facial muscles are more receptive than others to repetitive movements. They can often remain unnecessarily contracted throughout the day, creating lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the mouth. Thankfully, it is possible to relax your facial muscles. With a few simple facial exercises, you can stimulate these muscles and rejuvenate the facial area completely, leaving you refreshed and relaxed.


Anger, laughter or surprise can leave their marks on our faces over time, contracting the facial muscles as they happen. These repeated facial muscle contractions eventually create lines and deep furrows. In addition to your anti-ageing skincare routine, try these quick and easy stretching exercises to relax and sculpt your face.

You can choose to do your massage and stretches at any time of day, but for optimum results, take time to fit them in every day. From the age of 30 onwards, these relaxing techniques will enable you to stimulate and rejuvenate the facial muscles to reduce the appearance of lines. A few months using these techniques and you will start to see the results.


To minimize the appearance of under-eye bags, wrinkles and laughter lines, a few simple massage techniques will do the trick.

To reduce the appearance of laughter lines, press your lips together tightly so that they touch your teeth. Repeat this a dozen times.

The next exercise hides any signs of tiredness and fatigue. Open then close your eyes. To begin with, you should do this action gently, and then build up how tightly you open and shut your eyes. You should be able to feel a slight tension building in the corner of your eyes that lets you know it is working.

To smooth your forehead, gather up your hair and hold it backwards away from your face. Slowly lower your eyebrows, without frowning too much. Close your eyes whilst keeping your hand near the very top of your forehead. Remove the hand on your forehead and relax your eyebrows. Be careful not to furrow your brow.

Results should be visible within just 1 week. Keep up your facial workout and massage routine for a few months to reveal a more defined, sculpted face.


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