03.28 . The influence of art on Helena Rubinstein product designs

Helena Rubinstein, a pioneer in the world of beauty, was also an art and jewelry enthusiast. For her, the link between jewelry and cosmetics was obvious: both served to show off women. From the very beginning of her brand through to the present day, the make-up and beauty treatments from Helena Rubinstein are real gems dedicated to beauty.


In 1902, as she prepared to leave for Australia, Helena Rubinstein was offered a pearl necklace by her grandmother. Her love of gems was born in this instant. Fascinated by the necklace, she would spend her life collecting precious stones. Rubies, diamonds or even sapphires: Madame owned the most precious things. Her passion for jewelry went along with her general fascination with art. Every one of her trips to Paris was an opportunity to go bargain-hunting at the flea markets or in the antique shops. She would get hold of paintings from the greatest artists of the time: Picasso, Renoir, Monet and even exhibit her acquired works in her beauty salons.


Very quickly, Helena Rubinstein understood how packaging influences the mind. Women are looking for skincare products and make-up that is effective, precious and of high quality. Madame therefore decided to use her jewelry as inspiration for the creation of her compacts and lipsticks. Her golden signature, found on every jewelry case, is directly inspired by the world of jewelry and precious stones. Each make-up range from the label is as sumptuous as her fabulous jewelry collection.

“Jewelry is a women’s best friend”, said Helena at the start of the 20th century. For her, they helped give you a radiant complexion, “several rows of pearls will enhance even the waxiest complexion” and show off a look “earrings with the right shape and color will make the eyes shine and give the face character”. Art and jewelry definitely had an influence on Madame’s creations, which only makes them more memorable.

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